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The human body is a remarkable machine. Every day it is damaged in some way by pollution, work, disease, exercise and of course accidents. Generally, it does a good job of repairing itself but there are times when the body needs help. There are injuries that go beyond the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Bones break, ligaments tear and many other injuries occur that decrease a person’s full range of motion. At such times the body needs the help that can best be provided by rehabilitative physical therapy. That is because the goal of all physical therapy is to restore to the injured the quality of life they have otherwise lost or that has been diminished. That is why physical therapy is so important in the lives of people who suffer, for example, from muscle strain, torn ligaments and tendons, back pain, work related injuries and other conditions.

For instance, for a person whose job is very physical and has been injured at work, it is critical that he or she recover or possibly lose their source of income. To someone who suffers from chronic pain, the importance of physical therapy is obvious – it can restore to them some of the quality of life lost while being in pain. In these cases, and in many others, physical therapy can help people regain functions such as speed, mobility, strength, flexibility and coordination.

Naturally, the effectiveness of any physical therapy program consists of several components – the dedication and training of the physical therapist, the nature and extent of the injury, the injured person’s willingness to adhere to a particular treatment regime and the tools and equipment used by the physical therapist. For example, for people who have diminished range of motion due to damaged or torn ligaments a therapist might use kinesiology tape to aid the patient in recovery. They might use Theraband, which is one brand of physical therapy products that include exercise bands, Hand Xtrainers and other items. For therapists who treat people with joint and muscle pain, Team Medical Group sells Biofreeze, which contains Camphor and menthol and is applied topically.

In short, pt is critical in helping the human body to stay in optimum condition. Without it, injured workers could not return to their jobs, athletes could not resume training and people who suffer from a wide range of injuries and physical maladies would be resigned to settling for a lesser quality of life. Finally, physical therapy is important to even those who do not now suffer from injury because we are all human and may at some point in our lives suffer from conditions that require help.