As every physical therapist knows, the extent and types of injuries that can occur to the human body vary greatly and so treatments needed to facilitate recovery vary from patient to patient as well. What this means is that companies that supply professionals in the field of physical therapy with the tools they need must be able to meet the challenges brought on by this complicated field. One company that has met this challenge is Theraband; and Theraband’s most famous product is its line of kinesiology tape. Used by thousands of professionals in the field of physical therapy, Theraband tape is designed to promote rigidity and provide support for muscles so that they are not fatigued while they recover from injury. backtape also helps by gradually re-introducing muscles to the full range of motion lost through some previous injury. All of this is done while providing maximum circulation to stressed muscles.

Kinesiology tape may be Theraband’s number one product; however, Theraband recognizes the need to provide products that support a wide range of fitness goals for individuals who are recovering from injury. Another popular product is its roller massagers. These are cylindrically shaped tools that are designed for myofascial release and deep tissue massage. Next, are Thera-Band’s CLX Consecutive Loops which are elastic bands designed to aid patients in developing strength in their upper and lower bodies through a series of no-grip-required exercises.

Finally, Theraband offers a collection of many therapeutic instruments in one convenient rehab and wellness station. The station is designed for total body rehabilitation and includes devices and exercises that can increase strength, balance and flexibility. The rehab and wellness station is compact in design and made to use in-clinic. Components of the station include:

  • A wall mounted system and base system
  • Resistance tubing
  • Exercise balls
  • Stability trainers
  • Waist Belt, Assist Straps (2), Head Strap, Exercise Bar, Extremity Straps (2), Exercise Handles (2) and an Accessory Rack
  • A CD with recommended exercised and more…

Each component of the rehab and wellness station is a Theraband product and demonstrates the company’s commitment to producing tools that aid in every step of recovery and that facilitate patients with different fitness goals. This is why Team Medical Group proudly carries Theraband products. We share the same commitment to patients and providers who are concerned with their recovery and well-being. As more and more discoveries are made in the area of rehabilitation and recovery, Theraband continues to create new products that aid patients and Team Medical Group will continue to give suppliers access to these amazing products.